Seasonal Veggie Box
Seasonal Veggie Box
R 150.00

Seasonal Veggie Box


Our food garden, first planted in 2013, was significantly expanded in 2020 under the guidance of Megan McCarthy, an expert in using eco-friendly and regenerative techniques to grow food. Today, our food garden covers roughly a hectare. Megan and her team of 10 cultivate a bounty of nutrient-rich and delicious fruits, herbs, salad greens and vegetables. No inorganic pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used.


Tuesday - Friday

Orders for veggie boxes need to be made the previous day before 14h00.


Every morning Megan selects the freshest in-season produce from the garden, so the short answer is, it could be anything! This box is for those inspired by fresh, seasonal veg and allows that to guide their cooking. Megan makes sure that it's a thoughtful mix of root veg, leafy veg and herbs. 

A typical box could include: 
Root veggies like beetroot, carrots, radish or fennel
A leafy green like spinach, kale or lettuce
Other garden delights like zucchini, green beans or aubergine
A sprig of herbs