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Spier Noble Song | No Added Sulphur

Sing A Different Tune With Spier Noble Song

Spier’s Noble Song no added sulphur range is expertly crafted without added SO2 during the production, maturation or bottling process by talented Cellar Master Johan Jordaan and his team. This single varietal red wine range consists of a Merlot, Pinotage, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon and has been made using minimal intervention and maximum effort. The result is a limited-edition release that captures Spier’s terroir in a ground-breaking way.

0mg/l Added Sulphur

Sulphur dioxide (or SO2) is a chemical compound of sulphur and oxygen. It has been used in winemaking for thousands of years since the ancient Romans discovered that it would keep their wine from turning into vinegar.

Sulphur dioxide occurs naturally but can also be produced in a laboratory. It is usually added to wine to preserve the flavour and freshness and extend shelf life. Sulphur dioxide is always produced naturally during fermentation as a by-product of yeast metabolism. This means that 100% sulphur-free wine cannot exist.

For the Noble Song range, no additional sulphur dioxide is added during the winemaking process. To qualify for a no added sulphur certification, the wine has to have very low levels of SO2 -  fewer than 10mg/l of total SO2 (a typical red wine has 150mg/l). Each Noble Song wine measures 0 mg/l in sulphur dioxide, with negligible amounts of natural sulphur remaining.

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