Cheese & wine - a perfect party starter

How to put together the perfect cheese and charcuterie  board :

1. Dust off your favourite board from the shelf
2. Select your desired cheeses, including a variety of textures and flavours
3. Add some charcuterie – we love our Farmer Angus selection straight from the farm!
4. Now for something savoury – Spier’s organically grown olives are always a hit. Artichokes, almonds and roasted peppers are also delicious
5. Add a little something sweet – homemade preserves, a little honey or even chocolate!
6. A fresh baguette, a breadstick and some crackers to make the cheese board go further.
7. Last but not least, choose the perfect wine to accompany it. We recommend The Yellowwood Organic Red as the perfect accompaniment. This bold organic blend of 82% Merlot and 18% Cabernet Sauvignon is laden with flavours of pomegranate, cassis, cherry and spices.

From R 150.00

The Yellowwood Organic Red 2019

From R 110.00

The Yellowwood Organic Rosé 2021

R 55.00

Sourdough Bread

From R 130.00

The Yellowwood Organic White 2021

R 60.00

Farm Cafe Herb Pesto - 125ml

R 35.00

Farm Cafe Hummus - 150g

R 35.00

Farm Cafe Olive Tapenade - 125ml

R 35.00

Farm Cafe Aubergine & Zaatar Dip

R 65.00

Farm Cafe Pineapple Chutney - 300g

R 72.00

Farmer Angus Salami - 100g

R 150.00

Farm Cafe Preserved Olives & Feta - 250ml

R 125.00

Farm Cafe Green Fig Preserve - 450g

R 72.00

Farmer Angus Pancetta - 100g

R 80.00

Farm Cafe Pickles - Piccalilli - 400g

R 85.00

Figary dried fig slices - 200g

R 85.00

Farm Cafe Pickles - Bread & Butter - 400g

R 65.00

Farm Cafe Balsamic Vinaigrette - 250ml

R 85.00

Farm Cafe Orange Marmelade - 500g

R 85.00

Farm Cafe Kumquat Preserve

R 45.00

Farm Cafe Chilli - 375ml

R 210.00

Farmer Angus Chorizzo - 300g

R 72.00

Farmer Angus Prosciutto - 100g

R 72.00

Farmer Angus Coppa - 100g