Canned Wine

There's a lot a can can do, that a bottle cannot. 

We give you the best of Spier's premium wines in a can - offering so many more reasons to open South Africa's best loved wine tastes and flavours. 

The aluminium can is infinitely recyclable, easier to transport and carbon-light. This space-saving, fast-chilling, lighter format is easier to stack, pack and carry.  

It also makes portion control easier, so wine drinkers who enjoy trying more than one variteal can pick a variety without having to open a bottle each time. 

Wine by the glass has never been this easy!

The Spier Farm Café is open daily (yes including Sundays!) from 9:00 - 16:00. Online food orders can be collected here too.
Food deliveries are made to the following areas.

Wine deliveries are currently on hold due to the government imposed lockdown. We will send your wine order as soon as regulations allow.
Thank you for your patience!

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