Contactless Delivery

Food Safety

According to the World Health Organisation, there is currently no proof that Covid-19 can be transmitted via food or food packaging. In addition, all restaurants and stores adhere to high hygiene processes to keep you safe.


Contactless delivery

All deliveries are contactless. Our drivers have been instructed not to make physical contact with any customers and to maintain a safe distance. Bags will be placed on a surface indicated by you, the driver will then back away and allow you to pick out your order yourself.

Enhanced Hygiene Practices

We have been educating our drivers in line with WHO guidelines and have implemented enhanced hygiene policies. All drivers are temperature tested daily at each of the driver hubs. Drivers bags are frequently cleaned, all drivers have access to hand sanitiser with clear instructions to sanitise their hands before and after each delivery or collection. Protective masks have been rolled out for all drivers.

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